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Water Walker & Spa steed pro

Product detail

NATURAL CREATE INC. | We are a health and wellness company projecting ourselves beyond the 21st century.



Experience innovative Aqua Training from Japan now also in your area!

Suitable for non-swimmers

The water pressure can be as high as 1,300 kg for a person of average build. The deeper the water, the greater the water pressure, which naturally improves the circulation of blood from the lower part of the body back to the heart. The water pressure on the chest also exerts a moderate load on the body, which helps to train deep breathing. This is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

You can relax and enjoy the exercise!

Due to the buoyancy effect, the weight of the body is reduced and the exercise is safer and more effective than on land, in a state similar to weightlessness. The slow intensity of aerobic exercise not only helps to burn body fat and reduce obesity, but also helps to prevent and improve lifestyle-related conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and hyperlipidaemia.

Set the load according to your personal level

The water resistance works by increasing and decreasing the speed of the movement. Furthermore, you can increase or decrease the resistance of the water depending on how you use your hands and feet. In this way, the characteristics of water can be used to set the load in the water according to the level of the individual.


Society has undergone major changes over the past decade in the way it deals with its own health. Health-related topics are increasingly coming to the focus of attention and the demand for one's own physical well-being is also becoming more and more important.

The Japanese company Natural Create has faced this challenge by developing a unique Aqua Training device. The Water Walker is useful for health improvement regardless of physical characteristics, presence or absence of injury, athletic ability, age of users.

Merit of Aqua Training

The jogging boom has slowed down due to the increasing problems of joint damage to the hips, knees and ankles caused by the excessive impact of running on these parts of the body. In recent years, walking has replaced it as the most popular form of exercise because it is relatively gentle on the joints.

Walking on land is one of the most basic activities of daily life, and although it is less strenuous than jogging, it remains an uncomfortable exercise for people who have difficulty exercising on land or who suffer from joint problems. Aqua training, on the other hand, uses the buoyancy of water to reduce the weight of the body and allows you to adjust the intensity to the best fit for you, regardless of your physical characteristics, injury status, exercise level or age.

Intended for

  • - Improve cardiopulmonary function
  • - Prevention of lifestyle-related Diseases
  • - Prevention of osteoporosis
  • - Improve cardiorespiratory
  • - Improve blood circulation
  • - Adjust hormone balance and overcome menopausal disorder

Technical specifications

Main unit dimensionsL2383×W1200×H1801
Main unit weight300㎏
Main unit's water level1,150mm
Maximum speedmax. 11.0 km/h
Fill time4 min. (maximum level)
Maximum piping distance10 m from the body to the tank
Electrical capacitySingle phase AC 200V~240V 0.4kW 50/60Hz
Operation methodTouch panel tablet (Android)

Accessories units

Spindle nozzle (running water)2
Variable jet nozzlesMax. 14
Microbubble (OP)1
Shower head1
LED light1
Body shower (OP)6
Spa chair1
Waterproof Speakers2
SOS railing3
Heart rate display1

Safety device

Emergency stop buttonsInternal 2
Emergency stop buttonExternal 1
Drainage plug for power failure1

Back Tank system

Underwater tank 2,000 L with insulated heater1
Filtration device1
Rotary chlorine management system1
Control panel1
Water supply pump1

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Water Walker & Spa steed pro

-Improve cardiopulmonary function
-Prevention of lifestyle-related Diseases
-Prevention of osteoporosis
-Improve cardiorespiratory
-Improve blood circulation
-Adjust hormone balance and overcome menopausal disorder


Water Walker & Spa steed pro athlete

It is a premium specification applicable for even custom-order color or carbon fiber material.
It can be coordinated according to your preference and interior décor.
Based on aqua training walking, it is possible to power rise spindle jets to three levels. From the lower body to the upper body,you can adjust the spindle and add a load for aqua training.


Water Walker & Spa rebirth pro

-Based on aqua training walking, speed adjustable up to 11 km / h.
-Two spindle jets for resistance, 8 strong power running jets are equipped.
-Besides aqua training, it has 3 functions in one machine that also can be used as relaxation spa and body shower.
-Microbubble warm bath is available in the relaxation spa function.