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We are a health and wellness company projecting ourselves beyond the 21st century.

At NATURAL CREATE INC. we are a creative group of innovators that will design an Aqua Lifestyle full of new ideas to fit all of your needs.

Our research and development team is working tirelessly around the clock in order to comprehensively propose products and facilities; striving to raise the quality of people's lifestyles around the world.

We believe that in order to truly raise one's quality of life; health and wellness needs to be at the top of your priorities.

That is why, at NATURAL CREATE INC. our mission is to support health and wellness in the most innovative state of the art systems available to mankind today, tomorrow and beyond.

With the goal of improving the quality of lifestyles of people in the world,We comprehensively propose products and facilities researched and developed in-house. We believe that our mission is to contribute to society through supporting health.



Water Walker & Spa steed pro

-Improve cardiopulmonary function
-Prevention of lifestyle-related Diseases
-Prevention of osteoporosis
-Improve cardiorespiratory
-Improve blood circulation
-Adjust hormone balance and overcome menopausal disorder


Water Walker & Spa steed pro athlete

It is a premium specification applicable for even custom-order color or carbon fiber material.
It can be coordinated according to your preference and interior décor.
Based on aqua training walking, it is possible to power rise spindle jets to three levels. From the lower body to the upper body,you can adjust the spindle and add a load for aqua training.


Water Walker & Spa rebirth pro

-Based on aqua training walking, speed adjustable up to 11 km / h.
-Two spindle jets for resistance, 8 strong power running jets are equipped.
-Besides aqua training, it has 3 functions in one machine that also can be used as relaxation spa and body shower.
-Microbubble warm bath is available in the relaxation spa function.


Procurement Support

Distributing 'Made-in-Japan' products since 1967

we have been working on to bridge the cultural gap and language barrier to create long term reliable business partnerships both in Japan and Europe.

We add value to your business by providing:

  • Supplier search based on your inquiries (specification, quantity, target price, other requirements)
  • Technical support and translations (contextually appropriate, not word by word) during development, prototype & production phase
  • Negotiation for commercial matters (price, payment terms, quality agreements etc.): Correns Europe is your contract partner
  • Forecasting and Order handling, logistics including shipping, export from Japan and import to Europe