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Quality at its best made in JAPAN

Please feel free to have a free‐of‐charge demo use of our Aquatizer hydro massage bed

The target of "Training & Relaxation"

‐ a theme proposed by MINATO MEDICAL SCIENCE ‐ is to extend the healthy lifespan through an effective cycle of training and relaxation that elderly people

‐ but also younger people ‐ can carry out to maintain their physical functions and to prevent from experiencing falls and other accidents.

The Aquatizer meticulously massages the entire body to ease fatigue and makes the body more flexible. "Training & Relaxation" is the solution proposed by MINATO MEDICAL SCIENCE to solve age‐related problems worldwide. The Weltonic WTS series is a training machine that comprehensively enhances muscle strength, which is important in daily living. Please see below video for explanation.

Extending the healthy lifespan with the Training & Relaxation cycle

Hydro massage
with Aquatizer

Relaxation for body and soul

Experience the market leader from Japan now also in your area!

Intended for:

  • - Neuralgia
  • - Muscle pain
  • - Back pain & Shoulder strain
  • - Recovery from exhaustion
  • - Optimization of muscle tone
  • - Blood circulation promotion

Revolutionary treatment through the 4 nozzle concept

By increasing the number of nozzles from 2 to 4, it is now possible to address each nozzle separately according to the massaged area and pattern. By switching the number of nozzles according to the massaged area and the preset pattern, we offer a dry water massage with a previously unattained degree of effectiveness and variation. This, in turn, enables previously unmatched treatment possibilities that are second to none. About Us

Automatic body height recognition

Our Aquatizer is equipped with a sensor to determine the head position and body height. This sensor measures the body height fully automatically and sets the optimal area to be massaged within a few seconds without additional inputs. The height does not have to be set separately as with conventional devices and the Aquatizer identifies the desired areas to be massaged.

Foot airbags gently hold your feet

Extremely soft foot airbags keep the legs in the optimal position, which means that the jets provide ultra-precise stimulation from the calves to the thighs. In addition, the airbags also keep the body position stable, reducing head movement. This can provide more comfort to the patients.

WTS Series

WELTONIC bundle (leg press,leg extension,rowing,abduction)

Training machines corresponding to CGT* rehabilitation theory

These are training machines which were developed with the intension of being used to strengthen the muscles of elderly people and to fit their bodily types, to prevent them from falling,care prevention and also to support them in being able them to stand on their own.

*CGT = collaboration goal therapy

Why four types?

We chose four types of machines in order to exercise the muscles minimally required for daily activities for elderly people.

Leg press

Standing up

Leg extension

Stabilizing the knees


Right posture


Prevent falling



Aquatizer [QZ-240]

Nozzle switching, automatic height detection, feet hold, preheating weekly timer,treatment melody setting, automatic air bleeding,high temperature operation, and air cooling function.


WTS-01L Leg press

This strengthens general leg muscles and those needed to stand up, sit down, crouch down, and walk, as well as for muscles for daily activities. The structure to fixate the legs with the moving seat enables exercises more similar to actual movements to be performed.


WTS-02L Leg extension

Exercising will strengthen the quadriceps femoris muscle, particularly the medial great muscle. It will broaden the range of motion that will lead to longer strides and stabilized knees, and eventually facilitate stepping up and down on staircases.


WTS-03L Rowing

Strengthening the broadest muscle of the back and the rhomboideus muscle will prevent elderly-specific hump back (stooped posture). Exercising the erector spinae muscle helps stabilize the trunk.


WTS-04L Abduction

Weakening of muscles around the waist reduces body stability. Exercising strengthens mainly the middle gluteal muscle and increases the stability of the pelvis, which resolves wobbling movements when walking or standing on one leg and prevents falling.


Procurement Support

Distributing 'Made-in-Japan' products since 1967

we have been working on to bridge the cultural gap and language barrier to create long term reliable business partnerships both in Japan and Europe.

We add value to your business by providing:

  • Supplier search based on your inquiries (specification, quantity, target price, other requirements)
  • Technical support and translations (contextually appropriate, not word by word) during development, prototype & production phase
  • Negotiation for commercial matters (price, payment terms, quality agreements etc.): Correns Europe is your contract partner
  • Forecasting and Order handling, logistics including shipping, export from Japan and import to Europe